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What is “The Accommodator” and how do you work?

We provide online accommodation booking service to individuals and corporate clients for their tours. Through our website you can select and book your accommodation place in the city you want to visit at anytime and from everywhere. As soon as you book online, within 30 mins you will get the confirmation via email. It is that easy and hassle free. back to top

Why should I avail your service?

Adequate accommodation places in all major cities of Pakistan

hassle free and fast online booking facility

One Window Billing service (for corporate clients)

Best possible competitive rates. back to top

How can I reserve my accommodation?

Just select your city and choose from available locations, fill in your details and click submit. Within 30 Minutes you will get the confirmation of your booking via email. back to top

Do I need to re-confirm my reservation before I arrive?

No. All you have to do get a print out of your confirmation to present at the reception of your accommodation place.

What do you mean by Individual and Corporate Client?

Individual Clients are those who are not registered with us. A person can simply log onto our website and book his/her accommodation; he or she has to pay for rooms at the time of arrival.

Corporate Clients means a company/organization that is registered with us and retain secured password for any type of traveling transaction. back to top

How will I pay?

  1. If you are an Individual guest than you will pay for room at the time of arrival through cash.

  2. For corporate guests no payment is required at the time of arrival and check out, total billing amount will be sent to your company, once your tour is over. back to top

Is my personal and tour Information safe?

Yes – Security remains the primary concern of our on-line travelers. Every booking you make with us will be 100% safe. back to top

How do I cancel a booking?

If you want to cancel your booking simply write us an email with your transaction id number.

Cancellation Policy:

–  48 hours Advance No Charges

–  24 hours to 48 hours advance 30% Room charges applies

–  Less than 24 hours 50% Room charges applies back to top

Do you offer pick & drop service?

Yes we do, just let us know your arrival timing and place and we will arrange pick & drop facility for you

What is rent a car facility?

With this service you can avail the car of your choice with a driver for your required time duration i.e. hourly/time & mile or on daily basis.